Thursday, July 15, 2010

Career Advancement -A View (part -I)

Working for the goals set & achieving them in excelling mode are the year round run for corporate executives. At the end of the year another short but very tough process begins. That is the self appraisal & its appraisal by superior which in-term is linked to the promotions/ pay revision /Career growth trainings/ firing etc.

It is not only sufficient to achieve the goal to climb up in the corporate ladder but it equally requires how loud you publish, your leader evaluate & how well it is taken.

Normally there are two categories of people in the organisation at the evaluation of performance point of view,
• Performers &
• Non – Performers

Non performers again sub classified into two categories,
• Non performance due to individual (because of him) &
• Non performance due to environment

These classes are further sub classified into two each as,

• Non performance due to individual (because of him)
1. Lack of job aptitude &
2. Lack of job knowledge

• Non performance due to environment
1. Internal Environment &
2. External Environment

Performers are also classified into three categories,
1. Meeting Expectations (ME)
2. Exceeding Expectations (EE) &
3. Far Exceeding Expectations(FEE)

The people under ME simply achieve what has been targeted for them. Whereas people under EE are achievers more than what they have committed in quantity & quality. While people under FEE are exceeding their target abnormally both in quality & quantity with some innovation ideas which bring the highest productivity that has been ever-defined within the organisation set up. The productivity is increased by achieving the target level using reduced inputs(cost control) or by increased out put using same level of input or by both (means reduced cost & increased production from defined levels).

The people under category of non performers due to lack of job aptitude are considered as Far Below Expectation (FBE) where as the people under category of non performers due to lack of job knowledge are considered as Below Expectation (BE).

Meanwhile the non performers due to environment are not identified as performer or non performer individually, as their non performance is beyond their control. However indirect parameters are used to evaluate them to fit in the above 5 broader categories (FBE, BE, ME, EE & FEE)
The criteria for categorising the non performers due to environment, into above five classes are their previous performance levels, their additional responsibility shouldering, alternate job involvement on voluntary basis, responding to adverse -internal & external environment hindering their performance, fire fighting plans & execution, communication of adversities, punctuality, sincerity, loyalty, time sense, discipline etc.

However there is target & achievement in terms of quality & quantity for the Key Performance Indices (KPIs) for every Key Responsibility Area (KRA) of an employee to evaluate his performance. This has to be evaluated first by self & endorsed later by his reporting officer later.

There is scope to comment for under performance whether environment is responsible or lack of job skill to execute targeted work (Training & development needs).

Normally the employees by nature can be categorised as,
• Who works & talks the work (His achievement)
• Who works & not talks the work
• Who not works & talks the work &
• Who not works & not talks the work

The reporting officer of any employee will have following attitudes about his sub-ordinate,
• Favour
• Neutral (Impartial) &
• Against

Reporting officer is considered as God-father of those employees whom he favours & Evil-father of those employees whom he is against. He will be truly Reporting Officer when he is neutral to all the employees reporting to him.

Hence a Reporting Officer may be true Reporting Officer or God-father or Evil-father to an employee. When several employees are reporting to him he may be one of the three or two of the three or all three in one based on his attitudes on employees reporting to him.

will be continued.....


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