Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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The wheel of life is made up of six pivoting poles to center axes. An individual referred here as You is being at the center of the axis making the outer ring of his life with these poles. These poles represent the 6 segments of our life as described below,
  1. Financial & Career : This is the segment where our earnings, job growth, career paths are being decided & executed,
  2. Physical & Health : This is the segment where our physical fitness, food habitat, medication, exercises, health maintenance are being decided & executed,
  3. Mental & Educational : This is the segment which is being continuously updating the knowledge bank & increasing our think tank abilities,
  4. Family & Home : This is the segment where our concerns to family, various relations & home are decided with commitments & their fulfillment,
  5. Social & Cultural : This is the segment where our movements & commitments to the friends, society, Community, Neighbors etc are being decided &executed to fulfill &
  6. Spiritual & Ethical : This is the segment where our philosophies,beliefs, Value systems & various aspects of inner think process bases are being worked out & executed.
We should give equal importance to each segment of the life explained above so that the poles will have equal length & the outer life circle is pivoted equally from us to make exact round so that the life will move smoothly on the road. If any segment is given more or less importance the pole will be shortened or lengthier & outer cirle will be irregular so that life will sail or roll irregular with pains & difficulty like irregular circular wheel not roll easily on road & requires lots of energy.

Normally most of us are give more importance 1 & 4 while others are being neglected. We want to earn, we want to look after family well but ignore our physical fitness, learnig ability, social movements & ethical foundation to the life.

Let us have the our life mission statement come from giving equal importance to each segment of our life cycle & have long term & short term goals from each segment to fulfill the mission statement.

Let us be sincere to achieve our goals.

An Example :
Mission Statement of an Earth Scientist,
" I want to be successful earth scientist adding value to the my society, my company, my family with constant learning & ethical value system of my belief keeping myself fit to accomplish my desires"
Here to be successful earth scientist- represent his career & financial goals, adding value to company & society- will give his commitment to social & culture goals, family -word represent how he brings up his family by value addition, keeping fit -indicates maintaining his physical body & healthiness & his ethical value system-indicate his concerns to spiritual & ethical goals.

The goals for our life should represent at-least one from each segment like,
  • Identify the new iron ore deposit of worth 100 million USD (career & finance)
  • one hour exercise daily with yoga & pranayam ( Physical & Health)
  • keep reading the all major XYZ papers/magazine updating nourishing material to all segments or taking any course of yoga/career/personal development. (mental & Educational)
  • Help kid in their homework or take family to sight seeing or help wife inn the kitchen or take parents to pilgrim (Home & Family)
  • Earmarking of my 10% of my earning to social cause & uplifting the poor or diseased (Social & Cultural)
  • Keep meditation & review daily night my whole activity to find my good & bad, thanks to one who helped, asking apology to one whom i hurt today, thanks giving to my almighty for strengthening me to do today achievements. or I train 5 people to take up specific task XYZ so that they can better living (spiritual & ethical)
These are the few examples how we can take up goals for our 6-segments of life. The goals should be SMART
  • S - Specific (Your goal should define the object specifically)
  • M - Measurable (Goal should be measurable so that it can be quantified or qualified)
  • A - Achievable or attainable (It should not be beyond the our capabilities)
  • R - Realistic (It should be realistic to achieve, measure, specified & a sort of accomplishment to be felt by attaining it)
  • T - Time targeted ( It should specify when it can be achieved)
So let us have mission statement for our life giving importance to all segments of life equally, from which we are taking long-term & short-term SMART goals for each segments. Also put 100% to achieve the goals :-)



  1. Nice write up Sir:))..each segment bagge estu clear aagi vivarisiddeeri.
    What a coincidence!. Right now I am reading 'Road less travelled by Scott Peck' a real good book deals with values of life from a psychiatrist view.

  2. thought provoking post!a must for everyone who has forgotten everything but the race of materialistic life...

  3. @ Vanitha -Thanks for the comments & information Vanitha madam. I try to get & read the book"Road less travelled".
    @ Docspike -thanks Ravi for your comments. Hope the book suggested by Vanitha Madam is also useful to your field!

  4. It is a wonderful and meaning full post. Usually we won't give equall priority for each stage but we need to give.

  5. @ My life is full of mirth -Thanks for the comment.